RA6eHoP5RXGCjR3bUmij1QWell, our savings account is now officially empty and we’re “on our own in the big world.” We feel exceptionally blessed to have found a lovely used 2003 Winnebago whose elderly owners left fully equipped with every amenity possible. The dealer, Freedom RV in Tucson, has been delightful. They will go through it in detail in the next 10 days, replacing anything that needs replacing, and we will pick it up after the first of the year. They will then teach us everything (well, probably not everything) we need to know about its operation and have us stay a night at their facility to make sure everything works.

I have the paradoxical feelings of “arrival” and “just beginning.” Actually, the “just beginning” aspect is predominant. Essentially all of our former way of living is now behind us and the road ahead stretches into unknown and completely unfamiliar territory. Our motor home, which we’ve named Brego after a older brave and strong horse from the Peter Jackson film adaptation of Lord of the Rings, will carry us into a life of service to the Sacred Source in ways we can’t imagine. Our mood continues to be a mixture of eager excitement and, “Oh my god, what are we doing!” But we’re on the road now, and the road will carry us ever on, to a place which we will discover to be our true home and, as T.S. Eliot said, “we will know this place for the first time.”

14 thoughts on “Home

  1. You have always taught that the journey is the joy, not the arrival. Seems like the scientist in you is putting this to the test and discovering a world of wonder along the way. Happy everything……….well, may you find peace and contentment each step of the way is probably closer to what I’ve learned from you. I may not be writing in class but I am reading, Bill, and I am processing also. ……………Be well, my friend and teacher. Give Nancy a hug from me and dance, dance, dance!


    1. Depends on the definition of “elderly.” I wouldn’t know how society defines that age. I know that being an “Elder” is a process that arises when a certain disillusionment with “what is,” arises and the heart longs for a deeper wisdom and connection. It is perhaps the greatest lack, and the greatest need of our culture. I think it can begin around 40. The earlier the better.


      1. I was curious about the age of your “elderly owners”. You and I are the same age. Are we “elderly?” Or is there some degree of separation between the elderly owners and yourself?


      2. Chuckle… how carelessly we use adjectives. “Elderly” is anyone older that me – an ever diminishing population!!!! Seriously, I don’t know why I used that description. As I was told about them, they seemed “older” – he had recently passed away and she did not want to sort through the stuff in the motor home. But they could have easily been younger than I. Some days I feel that I am looked at as, or feel, “elderly” and don’t like the feeling, so I will pay attention to my use of the word. I am the age I am, as are you. We have the health we have. No need to add superfluous descriptors unless they are truly helpful.


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