cosmosSo much has unfolded regarding the logistics and details of our journey that I have tended to forget the intentions, indeed the vows, that have energized my path. Finding our Tiny House on wheels, visiting family, and seeing the desert Southwest have been fun and engaging experiences, but this whirlwind of activity has left me a bit distant from that part of my heart that has been my guiding light in these transforming times.

Certain intentions formed a few months ago that eventually became vows. These guidelines by which I hope to live the rest of my life have faded in the melee. I share them with you here as a way of recalling myself to their gentle guidance at a time when I feel a bit at sea.

  • I will spend the rest of my life living, to the best of my ability, in harmony with the Earth: living simply; taking “just enough” from the Earth so that my possessions and income do not detract from this harmony; and doing whatever I can to bring peace and healing to Her and to Her children.

(I have, to a great extent, forgotten this connection with the Earth as automobiles, people, houses, and electronic noise have been dominant for the past couple of weeks. I have felt the pressure of holiday season and the cultural imperative to buy and buy. I have refrained for the most part, but the milieu of commerce has been a depressing companion.)

  • I will seek a spiritual connection of gratitude with all the elements of life: stone and soil; rain, river, and sea; plants of every kind; mountains, valleys and plains; air and wind; all flying, walking, and crawling beings. To support this I will live outside as much as possible, immersing myself in the natural world and learning from all its moods, seasons, and gifts.

(I have been able to take some lovely hikes and have spent a few moments with the moon and stars, but most of the time I have lived indoors.)

  • I will cultivate my relationship with the Energies of the Cosmos –  within and through my body; flowing between myself and other beings; with all the dancing and swirling forces throughout space and time. To support this I will join these energies through Qigong, drumming, dancing, and singing. 

(I have neglected my Qigong for the past four weeks. I do sing as I hike and I have drummed a bit but the regular support of these practices has drifted away.)

  • I will seek guidance from the Unseen Realms and from the Sacred Source in all of my activities through the day: in my writing, my talking, and my thinking so that my Soul – my being of Light within – will be the center from which I live and move. To support this I will seek to pay attention to all possible communications – dreams, synchronous happenings, the flow of emotions, and intuitions.

(I have slipped into habitual patterns of “going along” when my heart and soul have wanted to say, “No, not that.” I have reverted often to conditioned mental states and moods.)

I have reviewed these priorities, not to blame myself at all, but to recall my attention and my focus. We all lose focus, especially during holiday seasons when the culture exerts some of its most powerful weapons. All we need to do is take a breath, notice, and return. There is never a need for blame or shame in such recollections. The marvelous present moment is always available and the practices that support our life are always waiting for us. We can return to them and they will welcome us as if we’d never left.


8 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. I thank you for this lovely post. Reaffirming perspective. The phrase “powerful weapons” struck me. The not-too-subtle messages of this cultural season so easily puts us back into psychological anialation (sp?) The desert seems like a perfect place to be sharing the bonfires and fruits of the solstice. Thank you for the re-centering.


  2. Again!!!! SO BeautiFULLY expressed and “pointed towards” such familiar Truth of Core Being. THANK YOU AGAIN for sharing this!!!


  3. Thank you, Bill, for sharing your life affirming priorities and your honest reflections. But one thing troubles me, and please forgive me for expressing it in this reply. I am a farmer now, and seldom get in a car. For me, part of “living in harmony with the earth” is minimizing my use of fossil fuels. How does driving a gas guzzling Winnebago around honor your first priority/vow?

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    1. A common question, Jim. We do not intend to do a lot of traveling in our home on wheels, merely be free to locate wherever we may be of service. In reality, living in a small motor home (230 square feet of living space) and doing a modest amount of travel creates a far smaller carbon footprint than the typical American home. We use solar batteries and are often “off the grid” entirely. The Winnebago would be considered “gas guzzling” only if it were used for major travel and commuting. We estimate we will travel about 5000 miles each year – at 10 miles to the gallon that is 500 gallons of gas. For a standard automobile that would be about 13,000 miles of travel – about half the average for two people. We will have a car for errands that will add another 5000 miles at the average rate. In the meantime we will be heating and cooling 230 square feet instead of 2000 square feet and we will be doing it mostly with solar. Our consumption now becomes adjusted to 230 square feet which greatly limits the “stuff” we can accumulate and the amount of fossil fuel we consume and the water we use. I could go on, but the data is clear that modest nomadic living creates a smaller carbon footprint than the standard way of living would create. At your farm you are uniquely suited for a small carbon footprint by not using a car, but many factors of carbon footprint need to be considered. For us, the “Tiny house on wheels” is the most congruent way of living and most appropriate to our vows for this period of our life.

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  4. I’m exhausted just reading all the qualifiers to your vows! I suspect they are guidelines developed over a lifetime rather than new things to be lived into, which makes them wonderful reminders rather than rigid imperatives. In less than two months I will be moving into my own tiny space in a senior planned living community. I feel relief from unburdening myself of excess material possessions, and that someone else will take responsibility for meeting some of my physical needs. I also feel some conflict because of my white privilege that allows me to make this move. I am grateful for these tailwinds, and hope to remember them/make good use of them as I move along in the journey to the end of my life.


    1. Yes, Jane, guidelines and reminders instead of imperatives. Life should be gentle and unfolding without rigidity. Each situation is unique and must be lived according to an internal compass. Let the tailwinds take you along as they wish. They’re there to be of use.

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