%AVzymv5SpmGZVjmwYzxYwWe have journeyed about 1400 miles from the southern Arizona desert to the beauty of our “home turf” in Mount Shasta, California. The view in the background is of the Eddy Mountain range. We are parked on property owned by my sister and will remain here through the fall.

It was quite an adventure to navigate that big motor home all that way, but I am now a “steely-eyed motor man.” However, being on the road is not our purpose for having the home on wheels. It is too expensive to be traveling that way and we bought the home to be a simple tiny house so we will be in-place most of the time and will not travel long distances using all that gas.

Both of us have undergone many transformations that I will write about in the coming days. Much of it can be illustrated by the T.S. Eliot quote, “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

We are back in Mt. Shasta and feel like we are seeing it and knowing it for the first time, as well as seeing and knowing ourselves for the first time. Much has changed internally and I look forward to sharing in the future. I am open to speaking and corresponding with friends/readers in whatever venues might open to us.

More later, my friends.


4 thoughts on “Back Home Again

  1. I am delighted to hear that you’ve arrived where you started, and now exploring the comforts of home in your tiny house. Mount Shasta looks like a beautiful place to rediscover and know again. Your books continue to be a daily source of inspiration for me. I send love.🔆Jim


  2. I am looking forward to your future posts! Glad you are back home on your “home turf” ! Looks like a beautiful, serene spot you have there.
    Was it hard adapting to your new space?
    love to you and Nancy


    1. More difficult than adapting to the small space was adapting to feeling “uprooted.” It has taken several months to discover our roots spreading out into a deeper “space” of Earth, Rock, Mountain, Sky, and Water. We’re now “home” but home is being redefined every day. Quite a ride.

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  3. Oh Nancy and Will, so glad you're home ❤, sound and safe, looking forward to reading from you!!! You amazing, wonderful people! A bit health issues here. Will write more feeling better, sorry. Love and hugs, Heike


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