Saturday, Feb. 29, 2020

leapWhat do you know? Today is “Leap Day.” What an appropriate day for celebrating the needed “Leap” in human consciousness. Evolution progresses slowly and follows a winding path full of dead ends and backtracks. But on rare occasions all the factors come together and a species makes a “leap” in its nature. It becomes something entirely new, seemingly unrelated to its antecedents. Evolutionary biologists agree that such rare leaps are precipitated by a crisis faced by the species. If ever a species faced a crisis that needs a “leap,” it is the human species. If we follow the usual pattern of a slow evolution of our essential nature, the exponential pace of environmental degradation will destroy us. The only species capable of handling our infinitely complex problems is a new species of humanity, as different from us as we are from chimpanzees.

Of course an individual person cannot make the species take this leap. We don’t even know what such a leap will produce. But we do know that it is necessary, and that it will be a leap of consciousness, not of simple biology. An individual person, however, can be willing to imagine how such a leap might change their life. If I were suddenly on the other side of this Leap, what would I see, feel, think, do? I cannot accurately imagine, of course, because the very nature of this Leap makes it mysterious and unknown. For the individual, it is truly a “leap of faith,” a step into the abyss of unknowing.

Still, the imagination is a powerful tool. We might consider taking today, Leap Day, as a symbol of our own willingness to make a leap. We might, today, step outside and walk through nature for a bit, contemplating what we truly, deep inside, feel life should be like, what human beings might be like the other side of the Leap. Then, when the time seems right, simply bend your legs, tense your muscles, and literally, physically – Leap! What did that feel like? Do it again, and again. Get a feel of what a transformed life might be like.

It can happen that fast. I was in one place, I took a leap, and I am somewhere else. Now begin to imagine what this new place does to your thoughts, actions, reactions, and experience of life. The old world no longer exists for you. You are a new person in a new world. When the feeling fades; Leap again!

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