Happy Anniversary to Us!

nancybarefootNancy and I have been married thirty years today. What an adventure we have been on!! 30 years ago Nancy was a Methodist Minister and I was a Pastoral Counselor in private practice in Phoenix, Arizona. We met when we were asked to be leaders at an ecumenical retreat. Yes – love at first sight.

Since then: Clergy, Counselor, Retreat leaders, College instructor, Authors, Hospice worker, Zen teachers, Bookbinders … never settling, always on the move, always deeply in love and cherishing every moment.

I love Nancy with all my heart. If she had said, twenty-five years ago, “Bill, honey, I really want to settle in and spend my life as a Methodist Minister and for you to have a stable counseling career so we can raise IRAs and 401Ks and be secure ever after,” I swear I would have complied.

But she didn’t. Instead we said to each other over the years, “Let’s do what’s next!”

And here we are. On a piece of land we adore and which we are charged to look after. Nancy is still saying, “Let’s do it – whatever is next!” She is a powerful woman, at the leading edge of transformation in the world. She is a delight and a wonder and I am a very fortunate man.


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