“The Tao that can be spoken of is not the Eternal Tao.”

galaxiesTwo “theologies” have intertwined with human culture for the past two thousand years. On the one end is the materialistic nihilistic position; that the Cosmos is a random occurrence, operating on mechanistic principles with no possibility of Divine presence. In this view, even the mysteries of the quantum field are seen to be random and eventually explainable in a rationalistic manner. If there is a God, he started things going, then left the building. On the other end is the extreme theistic position in which a separate Deity created the Cosmos for humans and scrutinizes each individual’s every action and thought to insure that they are “in accordance with His Will.” In this view we are under a Divine microscope with our eternal destiny hanging by fragile threads which we only partially understand. For millennia these two poles have been the dominant “theologies” of humanity, each one taking its turn as the centuries pass. For the last two or three hundred years the mechanistic position has taken the forefront in the industrial and technological revolution.

A different spirituality, one that has been around much longer, is beginning to re-emerge. Taoist thought is one of the examples of this emergence. The “Tao” is seen as the mysterious, but very real, underlying nature of the Cosmos. Neither distant nor intrusive, the Tao contains everything yet asks nothing in return – no worship, no obedience, no artificial mind games. Thus rituals, metaphors, and spiritual practices can unfold in a broad spacious container. Helpful images and spiritual support can be experienced in a wide variety of ways.

The modern image of the “Unified Quantum Field” is a powerful one for me. It is a theory that seems to parallel the Tao – that field in which everything exists and from which everything comes. It is not irrational to believe that this “Field” is purposeful and permeates human life. Neither is it irrational to think that this Field is compassionate in the deepest sense of that word – not sentimental but with a benevolent long-term, perhaps ever-morphing, purpose for Itself within all of the Cosmos.

As Jesus said, “I and the Father are one,” so quantum field theory posits a pervading “Oneness” of every sub-atomic particle in the Universe, including the atomic energy fields that are manifest as you and me. There is no definitive “scientific” proof for either the mechanistic or the Living Organism theory. However the consequences of each belief are vastly different … just look around. A choice between the two is a no-brainer for me. I choose Oneness.

This Oneness is difficult to touch at a time when separation seems to be the rule. Our Oneness, however, is independent of our circumstances. It is a given in all situations. Look for it. Feel it. Sink into the joy of it. Music, uplift, connection, compassion, love, joy, and freedom are all around us. Use the comments link to share some of the ways you are keeping inspired and hopeful. Let’s build our community.

Some videos that keep me smiling:



3 thoughts on “One

  1. Thanks for keeping these posts coming they are a good source of feeling connected to the right flow of energy, especially while so many are struggling and unbalanced. At the moment I’ve been maintaining balance by relying on everything I’ve learnt to date. All those times I’ve felt thrown off balance through self inquiry, of various forms, including Tao most recently, it seems now I’m able to remain more centred while all this chaos is going on. Unusual in a way that one can feel a little ‘crazy’ trying to understand the unknowable while the world is ‘sane’, but when everything gets turned on it’s head to feel ‘normal’, while everyone else doesn’t. The hardest part is an underlying feeling that something personally should be done to help others, but maybe this power is only placed in our hands when the opportunity presents itself. Stay safe and keep well!

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    1. Yes, when the world is “sane” we feel insane, when the world goes insane, we feel sane. Fascinating. I agree that “helping” occurs in the natural flow of things, not from a conscious attempt. Blessings.

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  2. I love this post and find your words during these times inspiring. I find meaning and comfort during these times in your work, Ramana, the Tao, Vedanta, and the real Jesus, not the one cooked up in the 4th century for the empire. It is fascinating how the quantum, oneness world view of people like physicist Amir Goswami and many others suggests that the ancient seers have been on the right track all along. It is our modern materialistic theology that is wrong and destructive. As my beloved Carl Jung once wrote, “I prefer ancient wisdom to modern prejudices” like reductionistic positivism. — dwight zavitz

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