During this time of health concerns most of us are more physically isolated than ever before in our experience, yet I notice an amazing paradox. In a deeper, more mysterious manner, we seem to be connecting at a deeper level with everything and everyone. connectionRelationships we took for granted are now precious and we are creating new ways of expressing that preciousness to each other. The world of nature which used to be mere b background to our lives, now offers new delight, comfort, and nurture. Social systems which used to inspire only cynicism, now are seen as comprised for the most part of good people trying to do their best for each other.

Nancy sits out in the meadow each evening at 8:00 and drums for ten or fifteen minutes. This is her solidarity with thousands of others who are either drumming or howling at this time. Who would have thought we sophisticated consumers would be doing that? Italians go out on their balconies each evening and play music and sing. Cynicism, though still alive, plays less and less of a role on social media. People are discovering music again as YouTube music videos are soaring in popularity. (My own favorites are on my “Things I Like” page.)

I don’t diminish the seriousness of this pandemic, but I truly believe that the changes it is bringing will be lasting and to our fundamental benefit. When it calms down we will find ourselves more appreciative of simple things, of family and friends, and of the Earth’s nurture. We will be better friends, lovers, and caretakers of the Earth. We will not return to consumption as usual, even if the economists want us to. We will have taken yet another step along the path of transformation and connection.

Bless us all!


Here is a short video on connection that might be helpful

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