No Longer an Option

Circumstances beyond my control (as are all circumstances!) have led me to modify the parameters of my “retreat.” The Tipping Point which many have warned was approaching is no longer theoretical. It has come. And we must all find ways to return to the deeper and wiser angels of our souls in order to navigate an authentic, truthful, and honorable path through what lies ahead. I can no longer be silent. My nation and my culture have become a morass of insanity, hate, and delusion. There is no longer an option for restoration to what “used to be.” The United States will fall. Exactly how and when I don’t know, but much much sooner than I had expected.

neroDonald Trump is to the United States as Nero was to Rome. The seeds of decline had long been sprouting in the Roman Empire, but it took a succession of insane Emperors to cause the final eruption. Donald Trump is no longer an embarrassment and a joke. He is no longer a clown. He is a certifiably insane psychopath whose pathology echos and enables the psychopathy of our culture. If we vote him out of office, he will still be here, and the ignorance and hate he constellates will remain in the body of our culture until that culture dies and rises, like the Phoenix, from the ashes.

I am still in a sort of retreat, trying to experience my own spiritual path as best I can in the hopes that it will be of help to me and to those who are looking for some new  foundation for life. The old foundations, believe me, are no longer viable. Education, health care, career, community, economics, politics, and all other aspects of our common life will have to be rebuilt on the rubble of what is now falling down around our ears. We must learn to put our energy into the germination of the Phoenix. We won’t see it rise, not as the embodied creatures we now are. But I think we will see it somehow. And it will be glorious!

I am not going to try to rescue this short post with hopeful practices. I believe such practices exist and I will be exploring them in the coming days. I will be using video as my primary vehicle because things are changing in the blink of an eye and I want to respond quickly, authentically, honestly, and with a degree of intuitive emotion. I will not be polished or necessarily consistent. But I will try, sincerely try, to express my own discoveries of a life within the Tao, with the Unseen Cosmos, and with the deeper Realities of Life than I have ever experienced before. This is my only hope for the days ahead; my only possible reason for remaining alive. Bear with me. We’ll have to figure this out as we go along, but I will be here with you for whatever help that might provide.

I will be posting my video “chats” on my YouTube channel. I will be making other changes as we go along.
Hang on. Hold tight. Be at peace deep within your soul.



10 thoughts on “No Longer an Option

  1. Banjo is long gone, but still singing songs, planting seeds, and steppin’ along. Inch by inch, row by row, gonna’ watch my garden grow.



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  3. Hi Bill – even in the absence of your posts, the memory rested from time to time on your own and Nancy’s presence somewhere in the world, working to remain grounded in turbulent times. This helped fuel an energy within me to follow the flow of my life, to create balance for myself, by myself. Now that your posts have returned, even if temporary (as all things are), there is once more a spark of energy generated through the this collective consciousness that lights a fire. I’ve still found no specific purpose of how to use this awareness of energy for the benefit of myself or people within my community whom might benefit from understanding it, but maybe this is not the purpose of my role here at this time. Although I need not understand it with my thinking mind, I sense this collective connection with so many people whom I’m fortunate to have made contact with. Maybe it is all a delusion of my thinking mind, but as a human function, what more do I have to rely on! Anyway, although I may not recall easily the words of the Tao, nor have I been in a position to educate myself on it further, the concept of it introduced to me through your books seems to have been enough to create a space of simply ‘being’ in this world. I hope that there is a mutual transference of energy that you might be able to draw on from your readers and viewers, to give you additional strength and not to exhaust your own light in the threatening presence of so much darkness. We too are here for you to draw from and enable your voice to be heard and share as much wisdom as possible, whilst maintaining balance to continue to discover yourself (or not self). P.S. I’ve always struggled to write clearly and concisely, so apologies for so many words which may not be coherent. In short: ‘thank you’. Take care, Alex.

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    1. Thank you so much, Alex. Your words connected me to that mutual energy, whatever it is, which we all share. That helped me a great deal this morning.

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    1. Dear William, This powerful statement really resonated with me. We must vote Trump out in November. Fascism is on the march in our nation. We must be the resistance and turn things around as we remain centered in the Tao. Dwight zavitz


  4. What exactly is meant by “The United States will fall.”? The United States government? The US economy?
    What would that mean for me and my community?

    If the US government were to fall, it wouldn’t mean that much to me and my community. Local government would continue, local support networks would continue. My neighbors and I would continue to exist and we’d have to work out common problems just as we do now. Our local economy would have to switch from tourism and agriculture for export to agriculture and manufacture for local consumption, a good move in my perception.

    This too shall pass and the future will be different from the past, as it always is.


    1. Well said, Michael. Don’t know exactly what I sense a “fall” will mean. I think it may be a failure of the national economy and a corresponding reformation of governmental structures. Just guessing on the assumption that things can’t continue as they are. The future is indeed always different, but culturally we have fallen into the illusion that forms and structures will remain solid. We’re learning.

      No doubt a move to local economies will be necessary. We should have been making that move decades ago, but, … Your local community is fortunate. Mine is much the same. The coming days will be much harder on the majority who are far more enmeshed in the systems and structures.

      Bless us all.


  5. So glad you are back. Missed you!! We will overcome the evil of this antichrist, this new Hitler. And we will survive this virus. The best is yet to be. The Tao will sustain us. Love, Dwight zavitz

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