Longest Time

I just can’t help myself. I had to share this with my followers. Blessings to all of us!


This link should take you to a wonderful social distancing choral group singing to new lyrics to a Billy Joel song – For the Longest Time.

2 thoughts on “Longest Time

  1. LOVED THIS!! Have always liked that song anyway, but to see/hear it re-invented this was was GREAT!

    Also liked the comment about expressing the inexpressible through music. I’ve forgotten the exact wording, but long ago, I heard a quote something like “music is the set of eyes to the soul” and it always stuck with me (well, OK, except for exact words. 🙂).

    THANKS, Bill!!

    Larry C.

    Larry N. Campbell
    Emeritus Professor of Mathematics Education
    Missouri State University

    “When your heart speaks, take good notes” – Joseph Campbell



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