It is shameful, they say, to talk about one’s finances. Nobody’s business, they say. Yet credit bureaus, who rule the field of commerce and consumerism, certainly make it their business. After performing a financial proctological exam, they award credit scores like grades or gold stars in school. These grades are available for scrutiny by any potential landlord, loan company, employer, credit card agency, or god knows who else.

If a person tries to find a way out of this economic system, roadblocks appear at every turn. “Go back,” they say, “or you will die.” I have come to believe that this system can not be “reformed,” it must be “transformed.” A totally new economics must be born from the Heart of the Earth; something entirely new, still unformed within the womb of the Creative Cosmos and waiting for gifted people to give it form. This is the only pathway to a truly humane and equitable economics.

I am part of an unseen, unnoticed, but deeply authentic Tribe of people around the world. We are all in this experience together and I am confident that we will find ways of encouraging each other, supporting each other, and enabling each other to take our individual places within the Tribe. Each of us will contribute to the health and prosperity of the whole. My own place seems to be that of a writer/chronicler/story-teller for the Tribe. It does not seem untoward, then, that I look to the Tribe to support that role.

I want to offer my skills, gifts, and efforts to this Tribe in ways that encourage the smallest seeds of this “new economy.” I’m beginning to explore ways of making this offering. My books are one of my contributions and the Tribe can reciprocate this contribution through purchasing them. In this case, the publisher retains the vast majority of monies spent on these books and the economic exchange occurs within the current paradigm. Purchase of my self-published books remains, to a degree, locked in the same system although I retain the majority of monies paid in this case.

Another of my offerings is my essay contributions in various blogs, primarily in this one. I do not charge for this work, nor will I ever charge for it. In a transformed economy I have a sense that readers will find ways of returning that contribution in whatever way and at whatever level authentically reflects their appreciation of and value of my work. In that light, I ask that readers consider using the “contribution” links below and allow the flow of economy to operate in a manner that values my work and allows the reader to feel a sense of interconnection.

A third form of my offerings will be various classes, both group and personal, in which I present material which will serve as a basis for interacting, questioning, reflecting, and going deeper into the multitude of areas in which Taoist philosophy can make its own small contribution to transformation. As these classes take form, I will offer them through this blog site. I want them to be genuine and authentic, flowing from my deepest heart; not simply ways of “earning money.” I will offer them free as well. However I will state that unless some way of closing the circle of flow is found, that the class will not likely be of benefit the student. The tribal aspect of living in the world together and interconnected has to exist for benefit to occur.

As you are able to value my work through various means, I will be able to continue giving whatever is mine to give. If the flow of income, including my small social security payment, boosts me over our estimated need of $3000 per month, I will pass on that excess to other people who are working for peace, justice, freedom, and joy.

This is a complex subject and easily becomes contaminated with cultural conditioning. I would rather not write about it, but I truly believe that we can work together to begin sowing the seeds of a truly new and transformed economy, one that can equitably support the whole Tribe.

Ways to participate: