Other Resources


These books comprise my personal library of “essential reading.” I hope one or two of them might strike a chord within your own spirit.

“Walden” – Every spirit who longs for a natural, simple, and joyful life must begin with Thoreau’s “Walden.” It requires careful reading. Unless you absolutely must, do not read it on an e-reader. Have a bound copy somewhere in your home.

Twelve by Twelve – A marvelous look at life on the fringes of modern society. The story of a physician who choose to limit her income to $11,000 year and live off the grid in a 12×12 house surrounded by permaculture. Highly recommended.

A Different Kind of Luxury – I re-read this book every year – an examination of simple and heroic lives of some Japanese pioneers in sustainable living.

Just Enough – A fascinating look at the ways in which the Edo period in Japan solved  environmental issues like ours with a system that connected farms and cities, people and nature.

The Amish – A well-researched and compelling study of the Amish culture and their remarkable ability to adapt while still maintaining the community and values that are precious to them.