I would like to share some of my favorite sites with you. May they be of service to you during challenging times.


Ben Toury – one of the very best of blues/boogie piano players alive. I listen to him or Terry Miles or Brendan Kavanagh for my piano fix every evening.

Earth Centered Living After 60 – this is my spouse’s blog where she shares her perspective on our wonderful adventures.

Charles Eisenstein – Charles is one of the most articulate teachers of the longing we each have within us for a renewed relationship with the Earth and the Cosmos. Highly recommended. (And his programs are “gifts”)

Jean Houston – Jean is on the leading edge of a new “quantum consciousness” and cultural change. Don’t believe tabloids – this 80-something woman is a powerful force, intelligent and compelling.

The Minimalists   – for the younger person who wants to live a free and joyful life. These guys are fantastic!

Lee Holden Qigong – Lee has been my Qigong teacher for the past decade. His Qigong is very accessible for the western person. He has many free offerings, including an immune-boosting series of videos.

Terry Miles – musician – Terry is like your favorite uncle or cousin – a bit odd and pixie-like but always the one the kids gather around as he plays the piano. I especially enjoy his daily broadcasts from his home during his quarantine.